Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Mix-n-Match Menu - Spring 2016
Vegetarian Items as Described, (V)=Vegan, (GF)=Gluten Free, (DF)=Dairy (Lactose) Free, Nut Allergens as Specified

One-Bite Appetizers
Served on Platters and/or in Foil Pans. Suggested 2-3 Bites Per Person.
Vegetarian Favorites:
Corn Fritters $55
With Blueberry Compote for Dipping. 30 Pieces, Served Room Temperature.
Stuffed Mushrooms $60
Calabrian-Style Stuffing with Fennel, Chilies & Raisins. 30 Pieces, Served Hot. (V.)
Traditional Tea Sandwiches $95
House Made Smoked-Pimento Cheese Sandwiches Served Side-by-Side with English Cucumber & Dilled Cream
Cheese Sandwiches. 40 Finger-Sandwiches, Made with Iggy’s White Bread, Sans Crust, Served Chilled. 
Responsibly Raised Meats:
Free Bird Wings $50
Organic Chicken Wings with Your Choice of Fig & Allspice Glaze or House Made Hot Sauce with Blue Cheese Butter.
20 Wings, Served Hot. (GF, Fig Glaze is DF.)
Serrano-Wrapped Dates $50
Great Hills Blue Cheese & Walnut-Stuffed Dates Wrapped in Spain’s Premier Jamon.  20 Dates, Served Room Temperature. (GF.)
Twice-Baked Potato Bites $55
Mini Yukon Golds Filled with Sharp Cheddar, Bacon Lardons & Scallions. 30 Pieces, Served Hot. (GF.)
Sustainable Seafood: 
Stuffed Piquillo Peppers $50
Stuffed with Smoked Trout, Celery & Capers. 24 Pieces, Served Chilled. (GF, DF.)
Spanish Fish Cakes $55
Local New England Hake with Spanish-Style Marinated Peppers. 30 Pieces, Served Hot.
Sky8 Shrimp Skewers $70
Garlic & EVOO Marinated, Grilled Shrimp from Massachusetts’ Original Sustainable Shrimp Farm. 20 Skewers with Chorizo-Onion 
Relish on the Side. Prepared Immediately Prior to Delivery. Will Arrive Warm, Not Hot, So Shrimp is Not Overcooked. (GF, DF.)
Appetizer Platters
Come on Platters and/or in Foil Pans. Each Platter Serves 15-20 Small-Medium Portions.
Hummus Platter $50
Spicy Carrot Hummus Made with Fresh Dill, Served with Quick Pickled Cucumbers & Za’atar Rubbed Pita Chips.
(V, Hummus & Pickles are GF.)
Mushroom Pâté $75
Wild-Harvested, House Made Pâté, Baked Till Bubbly, Served with a Bread-Bowl of Iggy’s Sliced Baguette & Ciabatta. (Pâté is GF.)
Goat Cheese & Strawberry Mostarda $85
A Sweet & Sour Sauce Served in a Pint Container & Surrounded by Whipped Vermont Goat Cheese. Served with
Endive & Carrots on the Side for Dipping. (GF.)
Fresh Fruits & House-Made Dip  $85
Six Types of Fruit: Sweet Melon & Succulent Berries with House-Made Greek Yogurt & Local Honey Dip. (All Items are GF. Fruit is V.)
Farm-Fresh Relish Tray  $120
Mini Frittatas, 3 Local Cheeses, Rustic French Bread, House-Made Pickles, Grainy Mustard & Sliced Ham from New England Family Farms Coop. 
(All Items are GF Except Bread. Bread is V.)
Local Goat’s, Cow’s, Sheep’s, Oh My! $150
Selection of Six Different New England, Artisan-Made, Aged & Fresh Cheeses with Assorted Fruit, House-Made Jams, & Iggy’s Crisps.
(All Items are GF Except Bread. Fruit, Bread & Jam are V.)
New England Crab Dip $150
Fresh-Caught Jonah Crab Mixed with a Duet of Cheeses, Diced Red Peppers & Seasoned with Old Bay. Baked Till Bubbly, 
Served with a Bread-Bowl of Iggy’s Sliced Baguette & Ciabatta Breads. (Bread is V. Dip is GF.)
Sky8 Shrimp Cocktail $175
55 Sustainably Farmed Shrimp from the Original Massachusetts Shrimp Farm, Cooked in Old Bay, Served with 
Fresh-Horseradish Cocktail Sauce, Spicy Creole Mustard & Lemon Wedges to Squeeze. (GF, DF.)
Gourmet Sandwiches on Iggy’s Artisan Sandwich Rolls
Minimum 10 Orders per Sandwich. All Items Cut and Wrapped in Half, Served on a Platter, & Come with a Display Card. 
Carrot & Dill Hummus $12
With Baby Spinach, Crumbled Feta & Housemade Pickles. 
Roasted Mushroom Pâté $12
With Watercress, Pickled Red Onion & Dijon Whole-Grain Mustard.
Herb-Roasted Turkey $13
With Vermont Goat Cheese Crema, Arugula & Pickled Rhubard Mostarda
New England Chicken Salad $13
Made with Balsamic-EVOO Aioli, Golden Raisins, Toasted Pecans, & Bibb Lettuce. (DF.)
Jonah Crab and Asparagus Salad  $15
Fresh Jonah Crab Mixed with Tarragon Aioli & Marinated Asparagus
House-Made Soups & Stews 
Come in 1-Gallon Recyclable Plastic Containers. Serves 8 Pints or 16 Cups.
Vegetarian Favorites:
Roasted Mushroom Soup $40
Assortment of Roasted Mushrooms in a Savory Vegetable Broth with Toasted Garlic, 
Fresh Thyme, Marsala & a Side of Pimenton Croutons (V, GF sans Croutons.)
New Potato and Asparagus Soup $40
A Rich Pureed Soup with Fresh Herbs & a side of Green Garlic Crema (V, GF.)
Responsibly Raised Meats:
Lemon & Herbed Chicken Soup $50
Roasted Free-Range Chicken with Carrots, Hearty Greens Orzo and a side of Arugula Pesto (GF, DF.)
Beef & Bean Chili $50
Sustainably-Raised, Grass-Fed Ground Beef, Heirloom Beans & Savory Spices, Served with sides of Cilantro & 
Sour Cream. (GF, is DF sans Sour Cream.)
Sustainable Seafood: 
Chilled Pea Soup $60
Chilled English Pea Soup with Fresh Mint & Marinated Jonah Crab (Crab served on side)
Louisiana-Style Gumbo $65
Prepared in the Classic Style with Shrimp, Chicken & the, “Holy Trinity,” of Veg. (DF.)
Fresh Salads
Green Salads Come on a 12” Platter with Dressings on the Side, All Salads Serve 8-10 Small-Medium Portions.
Seasonal Greens $35
With a Mélange of Veggies & Herbed Yogurt Dressing. (GF.)
Baby Spinach $40
Served with Roasted Carrots, Feta Cheese & Pomegranate Vinaigrette. (GF.)
Bibb Lettuce $40
With Bacon Lardons, English Peas, Pickled Ramps & Buttermilk-Dill Dressing. (GF.)
Southwestern Caesar  $40
With New England-Sourced Sharp Cheddar, Ancho Chili Dressing & a Side of Cumin-Cornbread Croutons.
(Salad is GF Sans Croutons.)
Mussels Escabeche $60
Inspired by Italian Seafood Salads, these Chilled, Shelled, Maine Mussels are Served with Julienned Vegetables & Seasoned with a
Saffron-Jardiniere Dressing. Presented in a Foil Pan to Accommodate Extra Liquid from the Dressing. (Mussels are GF.)
“Make-Your-Own-Meal” Bars 
Served Buffet Style to Create Personalized Meals. Minimum 10-Person Order per Bar.
Bo Ssam Bar: Traditional Korean Lettuce Wraps $15pp
Miso-Braised Heritage Chicken, Grilled Pickled Tofu, Kimchee, Dragon Sauce, Sriracha, Scallions, Thai Basil, &
Bibb Lettuce for Each Person to Enjoy 3 Wraps (All Items but Chicken & Dragon Sauce are GF. (All Items but Chicken are V.)
Taco Bar - Olé! $16pp
Adobo-Braised Chicken, Spicy Black Beans, 3 Warm Tortillas for Each Person (½ Corn, ½ Flour), Shredded Lettuce, Sour Cream, 
Mexican Rice, Shredded New England Cheddar, Guacamole & House-Made Salsa. Option to Substitute Mahi for Chicken, $3pp Extra.
(All Items but Flour Tortillas are GF. All but Chicken, Sour Cream & Cheddar are V.) 
Dixie Barbeque Bar $17pp
Choice of 2 Meats: Dry Rubbed Baby Back Pork Ribs Finished in BBQ Glaze, Dry Rubbed Pulled Pork, Dry Rubbed Grass-Fed 
Beef Brisket, or Dry Rubbed Roasted Whole Chicken (Cut into 8ths), Served with Cornbread & Whipped Honey Butter,
House Pickles, Braised Collard Greens, Old School Slaw, House Made Hot Sauce & Tomato-Based BBQ sauce. 
(All Items but Cornbread are GF. All but Honey Butter & Slaw are DF.)
Hot, Buffet-Style Entrees
Sold per Pan. Each Pan is approx. 8”x10” & serves 6-10 Medium-Large Portions.
Vegetarian Favorites:
Heirloom Bean Cakes $30
A Huge Hit with Vegetarians and Meat-Eaters Alike, These Come with Sides of Crème Fraiche & Pickled Ramps (14 Pieces). (GF.)
Grilled Portobello Mushrooms $60
Approx 15 Mushroom Caps (3lbs Pre-Cooked Weight) Served with Spring Dig Parsnips & A Savory Herb Vinaigrette. (V, GF.)
Responsibly Raised Meats:
Roasted Rosemary Chicken $36
Free-Range Chicken Thighs (12 Pieces) with Caramelized Onion Jus. (GF.)
Coq Au Vin $50
Red-Wine-Braised, Free Bird Farm”s Chicken, with Roasted Carrots, Mushrooms & Uncured Bacon, Deboned & Sectioned. (GF.)
Heritage-Breed Pork Stew $65
Seared Then Braised Pork, Prepared with Brandied Stonefruit and Finished with Buttery Breadcrumbs. (DF.)
Shepard’s Pie $85
STT’s Take on this Winter-Classic, Made with Grass-Fed Beef, Carrots, Parsnips, & Creamy Potato-Turnip Topping. (GF.)
Sustainable Seafood:
Smoked-Fish Cake $45
A New Orleans Favorite. Pan Seared & Served with House-Made Rémoulade.
Steamed Mussels  $55
Mussels from Coastal Maine Prepared in a White Wine, Tomato & Basil Broth. Served with Grilled Bread for Dipping.
(Mussels are GF. Bread is DF.)
Grilled Shrimp $85
Sky8 Shrimp from Massachusetts (24 Pieces), Served with a Red Onion & Tomato Ragout. (GF, DF.)
Hot, Buffet-Style Vegetable Dishes
Sold per Pan. Each Pan is approx. 8”x10” & serves 12-16 Small-Medium Portions.
Oven Roasted Sunchokes $30
New England Sunchokes Served with Grilled Peppers, Red Onion & EVOO. (V, GF.)
Roasted Asparagus $30
A Crowd Pleaser, Served with a side of Sauce Gribiche. (GF.)
Mashed Sweet Potatoes $30
A Tasty, Good-For-You Treat to Complement Savory Meats & Classic Southern Fare. (GF.)
Roasted Seasonal Veggies $30
Chef’s Choice of Vegetables, Prepared to Highlight the Classic Simplicity. (V, GF.)

Creamy Mashed Potatoes $40
Yukon Golds with Organic Sweet Cream, Rich Butter & Fresh Herbs. (GF.)
Hot, Buffet-Style Sides
Sold per Pan. Each Pan is approx. 8”x10” & serves 12-16 Small-Medium Portions.
Steamed Rice $14
Steamed Basmati, Himalayan Rice Ideal to Complement a Variety of Foods. (V, GF.)
Savory Rice Pilaf $18
A Classic Dish Prepared with Carrots, Onion & Celery. (V, GF.)
Italian Pasta $50
Baked Ziti with a House Made Sauce of Fire-Roasted Tomatoes, Whole-Milk Ricotta, Sautéed Onions, Peppers, Garlic, EVOO, 
Red Wine, Fresh Basil, Oregano & Parsley. Served with Maplebrook Farm’s Fresh Mozzarella Baked on Top.
STT’s Ultimate Mac-n-Cheese $60
Made with a Trio of Creamy, Decadent Cheese (Cabot Sharp Cheddar, Fiddlehead Tomme-Both Cow’s Milk Cheeses-
& Vermont Shepard’s Verrano-Sheep Cheese) & A Rich, Buttery Bread Crumb Topping.
Breads & Butters
Bread & Butter Sold & Served as Described.
Artisan Whipped Butters $7
Your Choice of Four House Made Flavors: Himalayan Pink Salt, Fresh Herb, Smokey Ancho Chili, or Local Honey.
Sold by the ½ Pint. (GF.)
A Dozen of Iggy’s Rolls $9
Choose from 7-Grain, Brioche, Country White, Whole Wheat or Dark Rye. Arrive in an Air-Tight Plastic Bag. (V.)
Savory Garlic Bread $16
Sliced into 16 Pieces and Roasted. Wrapped in Foil and Served in an 8”x10” Pan.
Corn Bread  $20
A Southern Staple, Made Fresh Daily. Served in an 8”x10” Pan for You to Cut & Serve.
Decadent Desserts 
Bars & Cookies are approx. 3”x 3” Wide. Cups Serve 4oz Portions. All Desserts Served by the Dozen.
Death-By-Chocolate Brownies $45
Made with Rich Taza Mexican Chocolate, Baked with a Touch of Cinnamon & Chili.
Chocolate Chip Cookies $45
Grandma’s Favorite Recipe with Hazelnuts.
Fruit Crumb Bar $45
Made with Seasonal Fruit, Brown Sugar & Oat Crumb Topping.
Black Pepper Cheesecake $55
Served with Spiced Apple Jam & a Walnut-Graham Cracker Crust. (Can be Made as Traditional Cheesecake,
Sans Pepper, Upon Request.)
Greek Yogurt Panna Cotta  $55
Served in a Cup with Port-Macerated Cherries & Crumbled Amaretti (Italian Almond-Flour Cookies) Topping. (GF.)
Chocolate Mousse $55
Made with Somerville’s Own Taza Chocolate & Served in a Cup with Raspberries. (GF.) 
Drinks & Sundries
Poland Spring $2 each
Individual Bottles: Still or Sparkling Water (unflavored).
Spindrift All-Natural Soda & Sparkling Water $3 each
Soda: Pink Grapefruit, Cranberry-Raspberry, Blackberry, & Orange-Mango.
Seltzer: Raspberry Lime.
Coffee Service $50 box
Your Choice of Barrington’s Fresh-Roasted Costa Rican Regular or Decaf Blend. Arrives in a Joe-to-Go Box & Serves 12, 8 oz cups. 
Served with 6 oz Milk, 6 oz Cream, 12 Raw Sugar Packets, 6 Splendas, 12 Cups with Lids, & 12 Stirring Sticks.
Selection of Hot Teas $35 box
Smith's Gourmet Teas: 3 Brahmin Black (caffeine), 3 Jasmine Green (caffeine), 3 Chamomile (herbal-decaf), 

3 Peppermint (herbal-decaf). Arrives in a Joe-to-Go Box & Serves 12, 8 0z cups. Served with 6 oz Milk, 6 oz Cream,

6 Raw Sugar Packets, 4 Splendas, 6 Lemon Wedges, 6 oz Honey, 12 Cups with Lids & 12 Stirring Sticks
Cutlery Items 50¢ each
Compostable: Forks, Knives, or Spoons.
Place-Ware 30¢ each
Compostable: Plates, Soup Bowls, Hot Cups, Cold Cups, or 2-Napkin-Sets.
Service-Ware $1 each
Recyclable Serving Utensils: Spoons, Forks, Tongs & Ladles.
About Season to Taste:
Our Best of Boston winning meals are prepared with an emphasis on using locally sourced, environmentally friendly,
sustainably grown, & responsibly harvested ingredients. We work with farmers whose livestock roam in fields, enjoy natural grazing, & are
raised without growth hormones or antibiotics.
How to Order: 
Call 617.826.9037 or email to place your order at least 4 business days in advance of delivery.
Ingredients are ordered fresh, per your request, and last minute orders cannot be accommodated due to delivery time-frames.
Please be sure to order early!
The Fine Print:
Minimum order of $250 in food cost. A service fee will be added to this. $75 is the fee for orders up to $1000.
$25 additional will be added to each $500 increment thereafter. MA food & beverage tax of 7% will be added to these.
Payments accepted by MC/Visa/AmEx. Please note, if you would like to order but do not meet the minimum amount,
you can still arrange to pick-up an order.